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For personalized medicine.

Screen Marketplace

The first genomics marketplace

It doesn't matter if you are a common practitioner or an oncology expert. In our open marketplace you can find and publish all kind of genomic analysis, from the best analysts in the world.

For biomedical research

Screen Research Module

Flexible and compliant -omics cloud

Overwhelmed by data? Let us help you with our bioinformatics expertise and stop worrying about fixed costs, scalability or incidental findings. Empower your patients with total data ownership.

Made of Genes approach

Made of Genes' award-winning model features a unique-in-a-kind customer-centric approach on genomic analysis where patients get their genome/exome sequence and keep this iformation available in the cloud free forever. This enables cost optimization through data re-analysis in different services.

Customers can request different genomics services provided by third parties in a Marketplace -- the first AppStore for genomics. From cancer profiling to risk assessment or nutrigenomics, use already published services or upload and commercialize your own analysis.

Made of Genes features

Genomics Marketplace

Develop and distribute your own services in the first Genomics Apps Open Platform.

Supervised by Professionals

Healthcare Professional directory which assist the patient before and after the analysis

Compliant Hybrid Cloud

Flexible computational pipelines based on your own Containers and safe storage

Privacy-first approach

Our patented patient-centric encryption model ensure responsible use of data

Informed consent channel

Legal framework for data sharing and service authorization, from your cell phone

Genomics services

Whole Genome and Whole Exome Sequencing & Bioinformatics Support

Care about healthcare, our framework takes care of the rest

"Your genome is yours": Patient-centric data ownership

The DNA of your patients is their most private information. It can be aggregated, but it never will be 100% anonymous. We believe every individual should be the owner of their genomic sequence, and then, decide what to do with it, always with clear information and total data control. This means that Made of Genes does not access, analyze, cease, sell or research with the data of our customers. And no, there is not fine print.

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